Theft: Following the recent theft of a Bishop’s chair from the church, we have given much thought to the question of whether the church should be locked and, if so, whether during the day or only at night. Our first consideration is to preserve the freedom of parishioners to access the church building without restriction. There is very little worth stealing in the building and we know from past experience that locking the doors is likely to encourage a would-be thief to break in, thereby causing needless damage. For these reasons, the church will remain unlocked.

Quinquennial Inspection: In common with other churches, we are required to have St Nicholas’ church inspected by an architect every five years and the latest quinquennial inspection was undertaken earlier this month. When the architect’s report is received, we will go through it carefully to identify the priority for addressing the matters he recommends are attended to. During the last ten years, we have carried out and enormous amount of repairs and conservation and the building today is unrecognisable as the sadly deteriorated structure we started with. Then, water leaked copiously into virtually every corner of a damp, cold, badly-lit building, which had not been painted or seriously maintained for perhaps a century. Today, St Nicholas’ Church is warm and dry, well lit, redecorated throughout.

The following is a list of work we have carried out, much of it paid for by the Friends of St Nicholas’ Church, to whom we are very grateful. The list includes items large and small, as well as some things which were not essential to the structure of the building, but which have contributed to making it a pleasant place to practice worship.

Repaired tower rendering

Repaired brickwork and capping on several buttresses

Renewed guttering

Spire framework - new timbers

North aisle roof – replaced timbers and re-leaded

North aisle battlements - rebuilt

Organ chamber roof – replaced timbers and renewed slates

(Discovered and re-mounted WW1 remembrance board)

New soakaway

Installed security lighting

Remounted weeper on 18th century Barwick tomb

Repaired 14th century head on sedilia

Repaired glass in some windows

Removed asbestos wool and installed new, more powerful blower in organ

Insulated the nave roof

Installed oil-fired central heating throughout the building

Rewired building

Installed low energy lighting

Re-leaded south aisle roof

Replaced missing tiles on chancel roof

Repaired interior plaster

Repainted interior of building

New noticeboards

New lavatory seat

Purchased hymn CDs

Cleaned windows on inside

Dendrochronologically dated church timbers

Repainted gate

New tap in churchyard

New kneelers

Millennium hanging

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