Easter The Greatest Conspiracy or The Greatest Event?

The excitement and media hype has been almost non stop this week, led by that unlikely duo of Brian Cox and Dara O Briain, but for all their enthusiasm they couldn't clear the clouds from the skies over Fyfield. Of course it got more dark and more gloomy, but you could explain that away by the time of year and a mist coming off the north sea, but the sun wasn't visible and there was no smiley disc for us to see.  There were all those amazing photographs sent in to the BBC from the west country and further north, but it could all have been part of one big conspiracy theory. I  met someone (not uncommon for a Vicar) in a pub who was convinced that the moon landings never happened that it was all made up, and that even Apollo 13 was hype to generate interest in space and the moon.
But we can be sure that the eclipse happened even though we didn't see it here in Fyfield. I am pretty confident the moon landings happened too; just because you can't see something doesn't mean it hasn't or isn't happening.
And that brings us neatly to Easter, my favourite and the most important Christian festival. The disciples of Jesus claimed to have seen him risen from the dead, the religious leaders did not agree and wanted to prove them wrong. The problem was that they couldn't produce a body, and up to 500 people were claiming to have seen Jesus alive after he had been publically and terminally killed.  Was this another conspiracy theory with no facts to support it? The evidence pointed to the contrary - there were the eleven disciples, no longer in hiding, no longer scared of standing up in the public square preaching that Jesus had risen, then a growing church that came out of nowhere attracting people from every race and background you could imagine. They tried to kill them, imprison then, beat them, torture them, throw them out of their homes, take away their work places and they didn't stop going on about Jesus risen.  It was a bit like the eclipse - even if you hadn't seen the sun being covered by the moon, but it happened nevertheless.  Curious?  Got questions?  Want to find out more or ask questions?  From the 14th of April  @ 7:45pm in the Rectory we will be running Christianity Explored , a chance to find out more about either the greatest conspiracy, or the greatest event of all the following link  to go to our Christianity Explored page.,
Vernon Ross