Mission Action Plan Review

The four parishes have a mission action plan which consists of the priorities we have given ourselves over the last three years.

It is now under review and we want to ensure everyone has the chance to contribute to it. So if you have any thoughts please contact Christine on 01277 286113 Email: revcah56@gmail.com


Points to consider are:-

  • What are our strenghts - What can we celebrate?
  • What are our weaknesses? - What needs changes to improve?
  • What is the purpose of the Church?
  • How can we grow as disciples of Jesus Christ and share our faith with more confidence?
  • What one thing would you like the Church to do or change to make the best use of our opportunities and is in line with our purpose?
  • How can we best meet the challange of becoming financially self suficient?

Please let us know your views and ideas so we can together create a realistic plan for the way forward that God is calling us.

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