Arocha- Christians in conservation
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Ever felt hopeless about the state of the planet? At A Rocha UK we believe that there is hope, and we can all make a difference, with some help from our friends. Our vision is the transformation of people and places, as individuals and communities do their bit to care for God's world.

Barking Area
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The Area of Chelmsford Diocese, that these parishes are part of. The Rt Rev David Hawkins is the Bishop of Barking.

Bible Society LYFE
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Bible Society LYFE Hits :105 Do you have a passion for transforming your life? For seeing how it can be fully connected with God? You've come to the right place! lyfe is a new experience in connecting you with God and your world, with the sole aim of transforming your life. lyfe is not another study guide, or something only those with a theology degree can understand. It is a fresh and vital approach to encountering the Bible with both your heart and your mind guided by the Spirit. But don't take our word for it, download a copy of the lyfe special edition welcome pack, get a few of your friends together for a coffee and give it a go! lyfe has a lot to offer you...

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Compassion is an evangelical Christian child sponsorship organisation who give loving Christians a chance to make a difference. Rather than being overwhelmed by the staggering statistics of poverty we believe it is our Christian responsibility to help the poor as Christ did. Why children? Children are clearly the greatest victims of poverty. Of the 2.2 billion children in our world today nearly half of them live in desperate conditions. But it is these children who hold the potential to break the cycle of deprivation for future generations. They are the pastors, teachers, doctors, engineers and change makers of tomorrow. Our experience Compassion has over 50 years experience of working with some of the poorest communities in the world. During that time more than one million children have been assisted by Compassion

Credit Action- Free Financial Advice
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Credit Action is a national money education charity (registered Charity in England & Wales No. 1106941) established in 1994. In January 2009 we also created our dedicated Welsh arm, Credit Action Cymru. We offer a range of resources, tools and training to help everybody handle their money well, and help others to do likewise! Credit Action operates at a national level through advocacy, collaboration and partnerships with various groups and companies as well as at a local level through a variety of targeted projects, with a particular emphasis on those most vulnerable to financial difficulties. You can read about some of our current projects. We try and help as many people as possible avoid the pain of debt. However we recognise many contacting us will be in trouble already, so we work in partnership with the major debt counselling charity the Consumer Credit Counselling Service (Registered Charity No. 1016630). They provide all debt counselling and management services totally free. Their free Helpline number is 0800 138 1111. Whilst Credit Action has is roots historically within the church and maintains this ethos, we are firmly committed to working with all groups regardless of their faith or other affiliations to help everyone manage their money well. Click here to read Credit Action's most recent Annual Report (2007/08) (pdf).

Tear Fund
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How can I help the poor and support an Aid Agency. TEAR FUND is a leading UK based aid Agency, working in many parts of the world, including the UK.

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The Sunflower Fellowship Romania (Registered Charity Number 1090120) “Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labour in vain.” — Psalm 127 verse 1. The way in which God has already guided and provided for this small Christian charity is wonderful and very exciting. In July 2001 through meeting with a Baptist Pastor, we were taken to see an old house which had been bought a few months previously to be used as a place of worship by the small congregation in the village of Cataloi, just outside Tulcea and close to the Black Sea in eastern Romania. We were offered a large plot of land behind the old house on which to build our holiday home. The gift of this land enabled us to design a single storey Romanian style house suitable for all the children who would stay there including those with special needs. Plans were drawn up and planning permissions were obtained. Digging of the foundations started in November 2001. Following the winter snow the building work started in the early spring of 2002 and was completed by the beginning of December just as the snow arrived once more. We are now able to offer holidays to sick children who were either orphaned or abandoned to orphanages (often through extreme poverty) and other institutions, or are living with their families who are often poor and struggling to care for them. Since 2004 we have provided social and educational help to a number of extremely poor children living in the village of Cataloi, including our foster child who lives at Casa Valentin permanently. Our ongoing need is to provide salaries for Romanian staff and all the daily running costs — at least £3,000 each month. Please help us to give many more deserving children a holiday, and continue to support the girls and boys from the local village. If you would like to help support this work you can find out more on our web site or contact John and Jean Gutteridge on 01277 375401.

Transforming Presence
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Transforming Presence is the Chelmsford Diocesan Strategy. Follow this link to find out more.

Wedding Fees 2013/2014
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This a link to the statutory fees fpor a Church of England Wedding.

You`ve got the time
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A free resource from the Bible Society. You can download the entire New Testament, narrated by Riding Lights, in MP3 format.