What happens after your child's Baptism or Thanksgiving for a Birth of a child.


After  Baptism - 

At the Baptism service you will be given a Baptismal candle; you could light this on a regular basis as a focal point for prayers.  If you find praying difficult then the prayer below is a good place to start.- 

"Heavenly Father,
we thank you for our homes and families,
our food and clothing
and all the happiness that parents and children can share.
We ask that your love may surround us
Your care my protect us
and that we may know your peace
at all times through Jesus Christ our Lord.
(CPAS Family Service)

Continue to make prayer a natural part of your routine. We hope your child's experience of prayer may be like this four year old: 'I want to say my prayers by myself today'

Take your child to church with you - children soon learn what is important to their parents, and having made these promises about wanting to follow Jesus Christ, coming to church is a good way of learning about what it means to be a human being loved and valued by God. We welcome children at all of our services: at a Communion service, bring your child up for a blessing at the communion rail.

Read your child stories - there are many colourful editions of Bible stories for young children, at a variety of prices.  Care needs to be taken over the choice of books.  Remember that young children see things simply and directly and that they often are spiritually perceptive.  We can learn as much from them as they can from us. 

Thanksgiving for the Birth of a Child - Sometimes people want to say 'Thankyou' for the birth of their child, but don't think the promises in the Baptism service are for them at this time, or they wish for their children to be baptised as adults. Thanksgiving for the birth of a child is not the second choice option to Baptism, but an opportunity to thank God and leave Baptism for a later date.

For general information on baptism of children and adults,  and also confirmation,  click on -www.cofe.anglican.org/lifeevents/lifeevents/baptismconfirm/baptism1.html

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