Confirmation and Baptism of Adults

Adult Baptism and Confirmation

When we look at a star filled sky, stand by a tree thousands of years old or see an amazingly animal, we can get a sense that there must be more to life than just the small number of years that human being live.  Often we can get a sense of something more, a moment of wonder, or even wow!

For Christians that 'wow' is fully encountered in the person of Jesus, who can help us to make sense of life and find purpose in a busy and confusing world.

Baptism and Confirmation are occasions when those who want to become followers of Jesus and meet with God in a personal way make a public statement that this is what they intend to do.

In order to help you make this decison we do prepare people for Confirmation and Baptism, either with other churches in the area on a Deanery Confirmation course or by coming along to the Alpha course.

Baptism and Confirmation
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