Church AGMS

The AGMs for all 4 churches take place in April, if you are interested in coming to one of the AGMs, you are welcome.  At the AGMs  we elect members of the church PCCs, each church has a PCC and each PCC meets approximately four times a year. The PCCs are where decisions about the direction of the church are taken.
We are short of PCC members for all four churches Bobbingworth, Fyfield, Willinagle and Moreton,  and would like to have more church members be willing to stand for election to the PCC.
The qualification for membership of the PCC are as follows:
You are on the Church Electoral roll

 An actual communicant which means that they have received Communion according to the use of the Church of England or of a Church in communion with the Church of England at least three times during the twelve months preceding the date of the election(

Is of sixteen years or upwards.
If you feel this is a way that you can help the church, then do contact  a churchwarden or me for more information.
The AGM dates are:
Sunday 12th April Moreton 6:00pm
Monday 13th April Fyfield 8pm
Thursday April 16th Willingale 7:30pm
Monday 20th April Bobbingworth 7:45pm